Creative Movement (Ballet & Tumbling) 45 minutes 
Ages 2 1/2-3 1/2 basic ballet techniques and tumbling.
​Combo (Ballet/Tap/Tumbling) 45 minutes
Ages 3 1/2- 6 1/2  Ballet, basic tap techniques and tumbling.
Combo (Ballet/Jazz/Tumbling) 45 minutes 
Ages 5 1/2- 6  With little ballet and Jazz technique experience.
Ballet Beginners
Ages 7 and up Learning the fundamentals of ballet. Little or no prior training required to enroll. 
Ballet II
Ages 11 and up with 2 years or more of ballet technique. 
Beginner Pointe 
Ages 11 and older, must be enrolled in one ballet class in order to be enrolled.
Beginner Jazz​
Ages 7 and up,  Basic Jazz technique.  Little or no prior training required.
Jazz 2
Ages 10 and up, with 2 or more years of jazz training required.

Ages 3 and up.  Paraguayan traditional dance.

NJ-Dance & Show @2015


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